Great Spread in Argentinian Blues Mag

I got a six-page spread in the February issue of Argentinian Blues mag, Con Alma de Blues. I am honored and extremely humbled to have been considered! Stop by and check it out and be sure to give their radio station a listen. English version coming soon… Until next time…

Feeling Green

Traveling through Poland, I noticed just how energy-conscious as a nation they are. There were windmills and solar panels everywhere. In most of the buildings lights were controlled either by motion sensors or by timed switches. When the lights are on indoors, they are noticeably less bright than what I have been accustomed to at […]

The Real America

While waiting at Kennedy International for my mother-in-law’s flight to arrive from Nigeria I had time to do some people-watching. I saw Muslim women in hijab, orthodox Jewish men in those cool beaver hats that I hear are very expensive. I saw African men and women some dressed in traditional garb, hippies, people of different […]

Hello world!

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